Fragile items need to be specially packed when they are being shipped. With the growing levels of ecommerce, more and more of these items are being shipped by individuals and small businesses which cannot afford a fortune just for packing. At the same time, delicate items can easily be damaged if they are not packed properly. That said, you should know how to pack your delicate items in the right manner.


The kind of delicate items that you intend to ship depends greatly on your business. These can range from antiques and artwork to jewelry and crystal ware. Your packing needs should thus depend on what exactly you want to ship.


If you wish to pack hollow items, especially crystal ware like glasses, you should stuff the inside with newspaper to provide stability when stressed. This will greatly reduce the chances of cracks appearing on the glass or the item breaking in transit.


If you are shipping delicate electronic items or jewelry or really any small item, bubble wrap should be a great choice to provide the best cushioning to ensure that no damage is caused to the product. While using a bubble wrap, try to get a tight fit with proper packing tape so that movement can be minimized. If instead the product is bigger, you might need additional layers of bubble wrap just to provide adequate cushioning.


Precious jewelry, smaller antiques and coins should always be shipped in their own special packing. Coins come with airtight holders which are ideal for transporting them. Jewelry and smaller antique items should preferably be shipped in special jewelry bags which are designed for these items and thus protect them well. They are also a very good complementary item to the jewelry itself (you can always include it in the product and charge extra for it. People will be happy to pay).


Finally, it is important to minimize the movement of the whole packaging inside the box that you are shipping in. This extra space can be filled with packing peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper.


While shipping the box, remember to label the boxes with a warning “fragile”. If you are looking for all the supplies for delicate items, consider going to a shipping store which should also help you identify the best packaging needs for delicate and semi-delicate items while also helping you with the shipping process. At shipping stores you can get all your supplies in one place and thus save yourself time and energy.


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