Professional Auction Packing and Shipping in Philadelphia

Many residents and visitors to our area are captivated by our array of antique shops and auction houses in the Philadelphia area. Our vintage stores are all the trend and offer objects d’arte not easily found elsewhere. But these types of purchases often have one small issue: getting the items shipped to a destination.

Making Shipping and Packaging Look Easy

At Philadelphia Mailroom, we work with local residents, visitors, shops, and auction houses to make auction packaging and shipping in Philadelphia an easy endeavor. Whether you are shipping a valuable and delicate antique or just a funky piece of memorabilia, we are your source to trust to get it to its destination safely. Since 1988, Philadelphia Mailroom has been the company to trust for packing and shipments, including auction and estate sale services.

Expert Custom Packaging

Items bought at auction or antique shops are often valuable and awkwardly shaped. At Philadelphia Mailroom, we have the experience to expertly package and ship valuable and delicate items across the country or across the globe. We offer a full range of packaging and shipping services for artists, sellers, dealers, collectors, and buyers. Your treasure is our treasure and we treat it that way. Your item will be quickly and safely shipped, all at a reasonable price.

Offering the Help You Need

For sellers and buyers alike, we understand that one of the problems when it comes to auction items is the packing, shipping, and insurance costs of those articles. For sellers and buyers, we can offer packing and shipping estimates even before the purchase is made. We offer

  • Accurate pricing on our Philadelphia auction packaging and shipping services
  • Custom packaging and padding
  • Expedited services if needed
  • Shipment tracking for FedEx, UPS, and DHL
  • Organized documentation for your records

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your items get to their destination safely.

Secure and Economical Shipping

Whether you are buying or selling an heirloom-quality antique or a quirky piece of mid-century art, you want to trust that your object will make it to its destination safely. With our Philadelphia auction packaging and shipping services, we offer a secure and economical way to get it from A to Z. We take pride in the extra care we offer in order to ensure that each piece is secured and padded properly so no shipping damage occurs.

At Philadelphia Mailroom, you can trust us with your

  • Fine artwork
  • Antiques
  • Museum quality objects
  • One-of-a-kind objects
  • Ceramic and glass objects
  • Books and paper
  • Textiles
  • Wooden objects and small furniture
  • Small sculptural pieces
  • Metal objects
  • Small industrial objects
  • Stone or plaster objects
  • Rugs

For valuable and awkward items, we have created innovative systems in order to protect them from any damage during the shipping process. Utilizing custom-created boxing and padding, your items will be firmly secured and protected from impact. Our shipping professionals will provide customized packaging in order to transport your items safely and efficiently without danger of damage.

Item Specific Packaging

With the most current shipping materials available and our years of packing expertise, our customers can rely on our auction packaging and shipping services to get their prized goods to their destination. We have the ability to provide specific solutions for any valuable and one-of-a-kind items including specialized cushioning and product-specific boxes. Our professional pack & ship services allow us to offer you full insurance coverage on all your auction items, from antiques to artwork.

Auction Packing and Shipping that is High in Quality, Low in Cost

From auction houses to individual buyers, Philadelphia Mailroom offers services that are high in quality yet low in cost. Shipping auction items, art, and collectibles require an expert. Our services offer the gentlest handling and shipment of valuable items in the industry. From a cool vintage purchase to a valuable piece of art, our auction packing and shipping services in Philadelphia offer a safe and affordable way to transport your find, domestically or internationally.

Customers have relied on Philadelphia Mailroom for all their specialized shipping needs since 1988. Call us at (215) 745-1100 to discover why we are the preferred option for auction packaging and shipping in the Philadelphia area today.

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