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Fast and Affordable Document Scanning, Copying, Faxing Services in Philadelphia

At Philadelphia Mailroom, let us be your official office assistant. If you are traveling or simply don’t want the expense of costly office equipment, let us be your one-stop shop for document management services in Philadelphia. Whether you need professional quality color copies, incoming or outgoing fax services or document scanning services, we are your locally-owned partner for all your document needs.

Fax Service in Philadelphia

Although many businesses have moved away from traditional faxes, you will encounter those times when sending or receiving a fax is necessary. Don’t have a fax machine at home or are traveling for work? No worries! Our professional team knows what you need in order to keep things moving in today’s busy world. At Philadelphia Mailroom, we are able to send and receive local, domestic, and international faxes.

We make it easy. If you need to send a fax, email us the document. No need to even stop by our store. We will send out a fax for you according to your instructions. Our fax services include a complimentary cover sheet and a printed confirmation for your peace of mind and your records. Do you need to receive a fax? No problem! When we receive your document, we immediately convert it to a PDF document and email it to you. Nothing could be simpler.

Our Philadelphia fax services include:

  • Outgoing or incoming local faxes
  • Outgoing or incoming domestic long distance faxes
  • Outgoing or incoming international faxes
  • Outgoing or incoming satellite faxes

At Philadelphia Mailroom, we use the latest in high-speed equipment to ensure that your faxes are crisp and clear and arrive quickly.

Document Scanning in Philadelphia

At Philadelphia Mailroom, our document scanning and imaging services will transform your piles of paper into organized digital images. Why waste space with file cabinets or pay for off-site storage for hard copies when your documents or photos can be systematized into digital files for fast and easy access? Having digitized documents allows you to save time by finding your documents quicker and saves money by reducing paper costs and reclaiming valuable space.

When you use us for any of your Philadelphia document scanning needs, we turn your hard copies into electronic files in order to have them easily organized and accessible for fast and easy sharing. Preserve all those photographic memories with our photo scanning services so you can rest assured that they will be forever preserved in a format that can easily be shared with family and friends.

Our professionals at Philadelphia Mailroom understand the importance of quality, accuracy, and consistency when we are converting your documents. We will create interactive PDF files so that your valuable documents or photos are portable, searchable, and conveniently distributable. With our Philadelphia scanning services, you will be able to:

  • Save your hard copies as electronic files or images
  • Organize, preserve or share important files or photos
  • Preserve and share photo memories

Color Copying in Philadelphia

Human vision is more attracted to objects with color. Consequently, color materials command attention far more than materials that are black and white. In today’s market, where you truly need to stand out, using color can help you gain the attention you want. If you want to attract your customer’s attention, increase your brand recognition, and make your materials more vibrant, color copies offer vast advantages over black and white ones.

Today, professional color copies provide a fast and cost-effective alternative to color printing for smaller quantities. Our digital printing technology offers efficiency and high-impact color documents at lower per-page costs. With higher speed and better quality, color copies are the perfect solution for those times that you need color materials on demand for quantities of 500 copies or less. When it comes to color copying services, trust your local office assistant at Philadelphia Mailroom.

At Philadelphia Mailroom, we offer an extensive line of services from mailbox rental to international shipping to a complete line of Philadelphia document management services. Our dedication to customer service and our commitment to personal service is what sets us apart from the others. Stop in today or call us at (215) 745-1100.

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