Private MailBox Rental

Sometimes, a regular PO Box just won’t cut it. Maybe you need an actual business address or you need an address while you travel the country. With our Private MailBox Rental service, you get a real address and the ability to receive packages from all major couriers.

Benefits of Our Private MailBox Rental Service:

A PO Box is fine if you just want to receive things from the USPS. However, if you have a need for an actual address, along with the ability to receive UPS, DHL, FEDEX and other courier packages, you need a private mailbox rental. Some of the benefits of renting your private mailbox from Philadelphia Mail Room include:

  • Full Privacy – You won’t need to publish your home address when you rent a private mailbox. This mailbox comes with a real address, which allows you to separate your business from your home or just keep your physical home location private.
  • Reliability – We are always there to receive your important packages and letters. You don’t have to worry about any more notes left on your door instructing you to drive to UPS or FEDEX to pick up your package.
  • Mobility – When you use our private mailbox rental service, you can move around while your mail always comes to the same place. Maybe you move between residences throughout the year, but you want your mail to go to one central location. With one of our private mailboxes, your mail will always go to one location.
  • Mail Forwarding – If you will be out of town for an extended amount of time, we will forward your mail to wherever you prefer.
  • Security – Our private mailbox rental service provides you with the best possible security. We keep all your packages save until you arrive to pick them up. You won’t have to worry about something getting left at your door and stolen.
  • No More Mail Holds – If you go on vacation or you will be away for a while, you no longer have to put your mail on hold. We will take care of it, even if it starts to pile up.

We provide many benefits with our private mailbox rental service. Since you get an actual address, you gain privacy, security and plenty of other benefits.

Instead of renting a PO Box, stop in or call us today and find out why our Private Mailboxes are a better choice.

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