Right now, social distancing is our reality. But many times, business and important document signing still must go on. At Philadelphia Mailroom, our mobile notary services can help.

Here in Pennsylvania, we do have physical appearance laws that govern notary duties in our state. And, although these have temporarily been suspended for certain real estate transactions, many people still feel much more comfortable with having the services of an in-person notary when it comes to important documents. That’s where we can help.

We Carefully Adhere to Distancing Practices

Our mobile notary services carefully employ distancing practices to reduce the amount of physical contact with our clients. We do this by implementing certain steps set out by the National Notary Association to ensure your safety and the legality of the transaction.

  • We wear gloves and a mask and can provide them for all signers
  • We aim to eliminate as much physical contact as possible.
  • We do not share pens. If parties cannot provide their own, we offer sanitized pens to signers and will not require them to be returned.
  • We keep a safe distance when at all possible
  • We do not touch identification and will view it from a desk or laptop
  • We attempt to arrange documents in order to reduce the time needed for signing.

As restrictions are still in place, we will adhere to all government mandates with regard to meeting in public or private places. If meeting at home makes you uncomfortable, we would be happy to meet on a porch or with window separations.

We Respect Your Health — And Ours

That is why we will never risk spreading illness to others. If we observe any signs of illness, we will decline the assignment. This is for everyone’s health. The same goes for our employees.

We Will Not Violate Local Orders

We work only within the guidelines of the particular phase that our county or local government is in. Please do not ask us to do otherwise.

We Will Not Violate Basic Notarization Rules

Even though performing notarizations during a health crisis comes with its own challenges, we must adhere to all basic rules governing proper notary procedures, despite any extenuating circumstances. We will refuse to do anything that breaks notary laws.

Getting Back to Normal

We are all looking forward to a time when these safeguards will no longer be necessary and life returns to normal. But right now we want our clients to know that we are taking every caution to ensure the health and safety of everyone around us.

Whether you need our mobile notary services once or you require our services regularly, we provide the most comprehensive, careful service in the area. Whether you are looking for notary services for yourself or your clients, we would be happy to assist you.

If you need further assistance with your notarization needs, the professionals at Philadelphia Mailroom are here to help. We have been a professional source for shipping, packaging and notarization needs throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area since 1988. Call us at (215) 745-1100 today to discuss how we may help with your notarization needs.