Many businesses find it difficult to maintain a high-volume mailroom economically. For companies in this position, the Philadelphia Mailroom has a solution – digital mailroom services. A digital mailroom refers to the process in which incoming mail is automated through the use of document capture and scanning technologies. So, what does this mean for you and your company?

By switching over to our digital mailroom services, we can digitize your incoming mail and automate the way in which it is classified and distributed within your company. One of our operators handles the scanning and indexing of your incoming mail in order to sort and deliver it to the person it’s intended for. Furthermore, your paper mail can be handled in similar fashion, thereby standardizing the distribution of your internal mail.

How Our Digital Mailroom Services work

Switching to Philadelphia Mailroom outsourced digital mailroom services means that we will handle the sorting and delivering of all your incoming mail. Here is the step-by-step digital mailroom process that we provide:

  • A dedicated mailbox (or P.O. box) is set up exclusively for you
  • A Philadelphia Mailroom representative picks up everyone’s mail on a daily basis
  • Unless it is otherwise specified, we scan every piece of mail
  • We then index your mail according to the indexing rules you have specified
  • Digital images and meta data are then sent to you according to the way you need it

Additionally, we can transmit data via a File Transfer Protocol or FTP site and import it into your system.

Key Advantages and Benefits of Digital Mailroom Services

For companies who regularly receive large volumes of e-mails, faxes, and paper mail, our digital mailroom services enable you to access important data and utilize it to make well-informed business decisions. Philadelphia Mailroom collects all incoming mail and materials, digitizes it, and then delivers all usable data directly to the client. In so doing, you save time and money by receiving critical data in an accurate manner.

There are 3 key advantages to switching to our digital mailroom services including:

  • Customizable digital mailroom services that can be tailored to facilitate your business operations and requirements
  • Improved company efficiency and productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on sorting and opening your mail manually
  • Moving beyond paper with our experience, expertise, and resources

In addition to the above advantages, you and your company will benefit in a number of ways from Philadelphia Mailroom digital mailroom services such as:

  • centralizing your mail operations
  • digitally receiving your mail
  • never losing any of your mail
  • reducing the storage of paper mail and materials
  • saving time and money

For additional information regarding our digital mailroom services, contact or visit the Philadelphia Mailroom at your earliest convenience.