There are several factors that influence the cost of shipping including the dimensions, shipping zones, and total weight of the package. If your business depends on shipping the products you sell, you know how time-consuming shipping can be.

Even worse is the fact that you could be overpaying for those shipments if you’re not doing it properly. Because so much is involved when calculating shipping costs, the Philadelphia Mail Room encourages all online enterprise to consider using shipping software.

What is Shipping Software?

Shipping software programs are computerized solutions that can be integrated with eCommerce platforms and provide real-time calculations for the products you sell. In addition to this, it enables you to buy and print your shipping labels as well.

In most cases, this software is sold on a monthly subscription basis. Many online marketplaces offer these as pre-built integrations. You can always seek expert recommendations for the best software to suit your company’s needs.

Shipping Software Features

When shopping for the right shipping software program, be sure to find one that fits your specific needs and makes the shipping process easier for you and your employees. The right shipping software solution should have the following features:

  • bulk printing options for packing slips and shipping labels
  • highest shipping discounts (look for the best offer before committing)
  • international shipping features
  • label customization capabilities
  • return management features

Most importantly, look for an application that is simple to use. It won’t do you any good if you’re unable to use it easily. Take advantage of any FREE trials that are out there so you can test them and ensure that your orders can be synced quickly and accurately.

You should also try to purchase shipping labels and print them. The key is to take a thorough test drive before subscribing to any shipping software program.

Integrating Your Software

In most instances, it should be relatively easy to integrate shipping software programs with your eCommerce platform. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Option #1: Sign up for shipping program and then enter your login and password. Or, you can use the URL of your eCommerce platform.
  • Option #2: Locate the program in your eCommerce marketplace and click the “Add” button. Then simply follow the setup guide instructions.

Once your shipping software program is integrated with your eCommerce platform, create a few trial orders to ensure everything is functioning properly.

In the event you have items that need expert packing or if you need shipping supplies in general, we can help with both. Additionally, you can drop off your prepaid UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS packages at our store.

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