At the Philadelphia Mailroom, you’ll be confident knowing your auction house items will be packed and shipped professionally and will be damage-free when they reach their destination. We’ve earned a reputation for packaging and shipping excellence in the greater Philadelphia area. Locally recognized auction houses have consistently come to us for service to help their customers with packing and shipping needs for their purchased online auction items.

A brief Word about the Auction House Industry

The auction house industry is extremely competitive and yet its growth as a popular buying and selling venue has been exponential. Although the concept was born in the mid-1700’s, the competition within the industry has become extremely fierce since the Great Depression. Now the fight for clients has been taken to the internet in order to reach a wider audience. Regardless of the economy, current trends indicate that auction houses have become increasingly diverse with the items they offer.

We take care of Buyer’s and Seller’s Needs

We make the buying process effortless because we handle the entire process of getting your newly purchased auction items to your door in perfect condition. We pick-up, pack, and ship your items domestically or internationally.

We understand how the packing and shipping of sold items can be a hassle. As your one-stop packing and shipping source, we provide accurate estimates for packing and shipping, even for most fragile or valuable items including treasured antiques and more.

Service Highlights

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to the packing and shipping of auction house items. When you contact us for your packing and shipping needs, you can expect the following:

  • Budgeting – We work with you by offering budget-friendly services.
  • Convenience and hassle free – We offer a turn-key service; we are your one-stop source for pick-up, packing, and shipping of your auction items.
  • Cost-effectiveness – We offer competitive and reasonable rates for both shipping and packing.
  • Safety – Your belongings are protected with the right packing materials and methods and adhere to carriers’ guidelines.
  • Communication – Our friendly customer service professionals will provide you the best shipping options based on the desired speed of delivery and destination of your package.

The Philadelphia Mailroom provides the most effective and efficient services for auction house customers and will assist in streamlining the process of getting those items delivered safely. We have the right team, processes and technology in place for properly packaging and shipping purchased online auction items. This makes shopping at online auction houses a worry-free experience! For additional information about our services, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom today.