If you are unbale to bring your documents in need of notarization to our physical location, let our mobile notary come to you! As a provider of mobile notary services, we are a neutral 3rd party who will ensure that your time sensitive documents have a legitimate signature. Furthermore, we make sure that all laws and regulations are complied with.

4 Reasons for using a Mobile Notary

If you’re wondering why you should use a mobile notary service, here are 4 good reasons why it makes sense to do so:

  • Mobile notaries will travel to your business, home, or anywhere it’s convenient.
  • Mobile notaries notarize ANY document whereas banks and credit unions will only notarize documents that pertain to their business.
  • Some mobile notaries may be available before and after regular business hours, including weekends and, in some cases, on holidays.
  • Some mobile notaries may provide other services as well such as printing the documents you need and bringing them to you.

This is just another added convenience and benefit that the Philadelphia Mailroom now provides both business owners and individuals.

Preparing for Your Mobile Notary Appointment

While convenience is the key when it comes to mobile notary services, there are certain things you should do ahead of time. Here’s 5 steps to help you get organized and ensure that you’re prepared before the mobile notary arrives at your business or home:

  • Give the entire document to the mobile notary and make sure you’ve filled in all the blanks except the signature line (you need to sign this in front of the mobile notary).
  • Be sure you have a valid photo ID to verify that it’s really you.
  • Make sure the name on your ID matches the name on the document (ID must match, or the notary may not procced).
  • The notary will need to know what type of notarization is needed (acknowledgement or jurat is notarial language for the 2 most common forms of notarization).
  • Know what each notarized signature is going to cost you and make sure you know what the accepted payment methods are ahead of time.
  • Using a mobile notary eliminates taking time out of your busy day and traveling to the notary. In addition to this, mobile notaries often provide flexible scheduling and easier access whenever you need them.

Notarizing a document isn’t about making that piece of paper more real than it already is. It gives the document’s signature its integrity. For more information about our mobile notary or any of our other services, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom at your earliest convenience or stop by our Rhawn St. and Castor Avenue location in NE Philadelphia.