How They Differ and How to Choose One Over the Other

POZNAN POL – AUG 2 2017: Envelopes of 3 most popular courier services in the world: UPS FedEx and DHL

Shipping packages domestically and internationally is big business, and there are a multitude of companies that offer these services. The question becomes, which carrier to choose.

You basically have 4 choices – DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, or the USPS. There are several variables to consider such as:

  • Destination of the parcel(s)
  • Number of parcels
  • Shipping for business or personal
  • Total weight

Unfortunately, the short and simple answer to this conundrum is . . . it just depends. Though the confusion can last, here are some insights to consider before you select the right company to ship your packages.

First and foremost, none of the options are ideal or perfect. Each shipper provides certain unique opportunities that the others don’t. We’ve based this on customer feedback and our own personal experiences.

DHL Express – this company was founded in 1969 by the trio of Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. The company originally shuttled bills of lading between Honolulu and San Francisco. However, with early growth, it began providing service to Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Fed Ex – their prowess as on overnight delivery service was established by their marketing campaign and advertising “When it absolutely has to be there overnight”. Up until recently, no one can equal Fed Ex’s overnight service. For time-sensitive items, whether express or ground service, super accurate billing and tracking, and a 92% on-time delivery rating, Fed Ex is our recommendation.

UPS – when it comes to air and ground package delivery, there’s no better carrier in the U.S.A than UPS. They’ve mastered freight shipping, especially bulky, heavy packages that aren’t time-sensitive. Unfortunately, their on-time delivery rating is 63%.

USPS – compared to any other mail service in the world, the United States Postal Service delivers more mail to more addresses over a larger geographic area. While they’re not perfect, we’ve been receiving mail at our homes for nearly two centuries. If it fits in a bubble mailer or an envelope, your best choice is still going to be the USPS. On the downside, delivery time for international mail is rarely what is promised, and you should only use the USPS, if you can tolerate a 23% on-time delivery rating for letters, low value items, and small packages.

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