It’s no secret that finding a Notary when you need one can be a frustrating task. Even worse, it could be even more difficult to find the time to sit down and conduct your business with them. After all, it’s not like people have an abundance of time to kill during the week. They have families to support and mouths to feed. Examples of notarized documents might be a foreign travel consent form, a Power of Attorney, or
your home mortgages.

We bring the Notary to You

Philadelphia Mailroom has come up with an answer to the notary process dilemma. It’s called a mobile or traveling notary. So, what exactly is a mobile notary? Does it differ from the notaries you find in banks or other professional building? Is it easier to get documents notarized this way? Unlike an in-house notary agent, a mobile notary will come to you so they can meet with you in person. All you need to do is call us and make an appointment for us to meet.

Mobile notaries are a key component of the mortgage process when the signatures of multiple parties are required, especially when mortgage closings cross state lines. But as we mentioned above, mobile notaries can be used on leases and lease guarantor forms, Power of Attorney forms, and 3rd party mail services. Most importantly, it saves you a huge amount of time when you consider that they come to you. You won’t have to find the time to get away and meet them where they work.

What We do

As your mobile notary, the Philadelphia Mailroom will come to your home or place of business, whatever is more convenient for you. We will execute all signings and print your documents. It’s our way of streamlining the process and making things considerably easier for you. Our mobile notary services were designed to simplify the process and alleviate your stress so that you could stay focused on what is most important – your business and your peace of mind.

Benefits of Our Mobile Notary Service

When you work with our company, you get experience, expertise, and hassle-free mobile notary support that works around your schedule – not ours. You name the time and a Philadelphia Mailroom mobile notary will be there. Unlike an in-house notary, we can meet with you any place and any time whether is after-hours or on the weekend. You can schedule the services you need, when you need them, and where you need them.

In an ongoing effort to alleviate headaches and stress for our business customers, we’ve implemented different programs and systems. Our mobile notary service is just one of them. For more information, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom or visit our website today.