In today’s world of at-the-speed-of-light e-commerce, we have seen the importance of quality, expeditious shipping. Today’s online shopping retailers depend on the timely and easily verified shipment of goods in order to keep their customers happy and to be competitive in the marketplace. But how does a delivery confirmation affect you as a small shipper or purchaser? And how does the added signature requirement ensure that your recipient actually receives that package?

The Benefits of Confirmation

As a purchaser or recipient, having a confirmation or tracking number enables you to keep track of where your shipment is in the delivery chain and gives you an indication of when you can expect the package. If you receive a confirmation that says the package has been delivered and you have not received it, you have recourse and the ability to file a claim with the shipper or the shipping company in order to remedy the situation. Without this important information, your package would be lost in some vast vacuum and neither shipper nor recipient has much information to go on.

What About Porch Piracy?

Although a confirmation of delivery is an extremely useful tool, it’s important to note that it does not necessarily guarantee that the package was delivered to the intended party. A package that has been “delivered” may have been handed over to whoever was present at the time or left on the porch or front step of the home. Sometimes, “delivered” means that it may even have been left with a neighbor. In these times of “porch piracy”, it may be an added benefit to ask for a signature confirmation.

Peace of Mind

If you are the shipper, you may want the added peace of mind that your package has made it to its destination and into the hands of the person it was intended for. UPS and FedEx have services that can offer you the peace of mind you need to make sure your package has been delivered and received.

FedEx assigns a tracking number with each shipment. But if you want to go beyond the standard confirmation with a signature confirmation, FedEx has three tiers of options for those. They are:

  • Adult signature required — this must be signed for by someone at least 21 years of age. Photo identification is required.
  • Direct signature required — this must be signed for by anyone at the delivery address.
  • Indirect signature required — this must be signed for by someone at the delivery address, from a neighbor, manager, or another person at a neighboring address.

UPS also assigns tracking numbers with each shipment. This will give the date, recipient, or physical disposition of the package. A shipper can request a confirmation with the recipient’s signature as well. UPS offers its own version of signature tracking and will obtain a signature of the recipient or another electronic acknowledgment of receipt when the shipper has selected that option.

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