With ecommerce on the march, it is impossible to ignore the power of eBay for sellers. Some big brands names, like HP, have their own eBay store simply because they don’t want to lose a good share of customers that make purchases through eBay. This means sooner or later a lot of smart businesses will find themselves running an eBay store. One of the main challenges in running any online store is with respect to shipping and packaging supplies because different products have different needs.


If you have to run to the post office every time someone places an order on eBay, it would be impossible to grow. Therefore it is important to plan your packing supplies well in advance, so that you can take a number of orders without delays in shipping. Your overall eBay feedback depends a lot on how well and fast you ship, so it is critical to get these right in order to be successful on eBay.


Shipping stores can be a very good place to start because you can find all your supplies and also the best rates for the items that you want to ship. If there isn’t one near you, consider getting the supplies in bulk. If you can get the help of a shipping store, they would be able to help you choose the right kind of packaging and shipping method.


This is convenient because you want to know whether a regular postal delivery in a padded envelope, regular box, flat-rate shipping box or one of the plethora of other options is best suited for your needs to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize shipping costs. This is why it’s important to plan in advance.


If you run a small store and only ship occasionally, you could make do with some homemade supplies or reuse old packing materials to minimize your costs, but this method isn’t suitable for bigger eBay stores. A lot of shipping supplies can be bought online for a cheaper rate, including regular postage stamps. This should help you save some money that you can invest in growing your business. Buying supplies in bulk also helps lower costs. Also, you can get supplies from your local post office for free but you will need to ship through priority mail using those boxes.


Some people also like to use some less traditional methods like looking for boxes that are discarded by stores like Wal-Mart or Target and using bubble wrap or other packing materials that are no longer needed by furniture stores and such which use them. This can be a good strategy to begin with because it helps you keep your costs down, but it consumes more time, time which can be used to grow your business to a larger scale. Thus, the more efficiently your shipping and packaging supply needs are met, the better it would be for your eBay business.


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