The Philadelphia Mailroom has long been recognized as the one-stop solution for the packing and shipping of items as well as mailbox rentals and Notary (both in-house and mobile). But did you also know that we are now the logistics solution for the packing and shipping of auction items? Whether it’s a sentimental, priceless, one-of-a-kind, or everyday item, we’ll package and ship it domestically or internationally (air, ground, or ocean shipping options available).

The Popularity of Online Auctions

Thanks to the advent of online auctions, the avid consumer now has another avenue for buying and selling items from the comfort and convenience of home. Instead of having to deal with the cold, uninviting atmosphere of an auction house or empty warehouse, you can conduct business on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The primary benefit of online auctions is that they’re a win-win solution for all the participants.

However, it goes beyond this in that it has revolutionized the way in which we conduct public sales. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

  • Online auctions accept all types of items.
  • Online auctions are characterized by repeat buyers and sellers.
  • Online auctions are ongoing and not deterred by time factors.
  • Online auctions attract the right buyers and level the playing field.
  • Online auctions feature reasonable pricing.
  • Online auctions have no geographical barriers.
  • Online auctions offer quick, reliable transactions.

Although the packing and shipping of auction items is a relatively recent addition to our already extensive line of logistics services, the Philadelphia Mailroom is always ready to meet the needs of auction buyers and sellers alike.

We have the Logistics Solutions You need

From antiques to fragile artwork to industrial items, we have the packing and shipping solutions that will solve your needs. A multitude of locally known auction houses are now taking advantage of our logistic solutions to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels, whether they are auction buyers or sellers:

  • Auction buyers – we remove all the guesswork where shipping costs are concerned. Our trusted staff of professionals provide a single source for packing and shipping domestically and internationally.
  • Auction sellers – if there are items that you’re reluctant to sell because you think that packing and shipping will be too costly, the Philadelphia Mailroom has cost-effective options to match your budget.

People refer family, friends, and co-workers to our packing and shipping specialists because they know their items will arrive safely and damage-free. Every day, dozens of businesses and individuals use our services to satisfy their packing and shipping needs especially when it’s awkward, fragile, large, and valuable items. To ensure the safety of your items, we handle them as if they were our own. For additional information about our extensive line of logistics solutions, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom today.