For many businesses and shippers, international shipping logistics comes with many challenges. As your shipping partner, Philadelphia Mailroom specializes in this area and can help you overcome those challenges. More and more opportunities are created every day for international business, so it’s important to partner with a reputable shipper if you’re going to compete in this arena. With globalization increasing and many workforces pursuing a mobile format, it’s easy to see why this is so important.

The Challenges of International Shipping

Whether your company ships one package, 10 packages, or 100 packages overseas on a daily basis, you have to be aware of the many challenges you could be up against with international shipping logistics. If you’ve recently expanded your business and now ship products overseas, here are the 4 primary challenges you’ll need to deal with and why you should consider outsourcing that job to Philadelphia Mailroom:

Determine which mode of transportation will be right for you – we help you choose the mode of transportation that is financially feasible based on your budget, shipping timeline, and any regulatory conditions applicable to the items or products you plan to ship to your customers. Keep in mind that airfreight is best when timeliness is an issue. Furthermore, if you’re shipping products that are FDA-approved, there are separate documents and regulations required. That’s one of the reasons to hire us for your international shipping logistics needs.

Don’t overlook the international rules and regulations that could apply – we know the different and constantly changing regulations and requirements that are essential to stress-free shipping. The most common problems that we have to handle are custom brokers lacking the right information about your products and paperwork errors. The Philadelphia Mailroom specialists can help you avoid additional costs and significant delays that will cause your customers and you to be unhappy.

Learn why supply chain visibility is so important – from a client service and financial perspective, you cannot overlook supply chain visibility. Knowing where your shipment is at all times is crucial to customer satisfaction. It also gives you an opportunity to prepare for the clearance process when the customer’s shipment has arrived.

Understand why you need to hand your international logistics responsibilities over to the specialists – international shipments can get complicated, regardless of the number that you move overseas. The staff at the Philadelphia Mailroom are trained experts who are highly knowledgeable of international shipping compliance, regulations, and standards. Shipping items or products internationally requires considerable experience and expertise. We can help you determine what you can handle in-house and what you hire us to do to ensure a more cost-effective and efficient business relationship.

For additional information regarding international shipping logistics, call the Philadelphia Mailroom at your earliest convenience.