If we lived in a perfect world, food and fragile items that were shipped in the mail would always arrive in the same condition as when it was shipped off. You’d receive a brand new looking, clean box free of any dents and smudges thereby knowing the contents were in perfect shape. Although the Philadelphia Mailroom staff will do everything in their power to ensure your items are handled with the greatest of care, we have no control over how the shipper handles them.

How do You protect Food Items?

Whenever you send food items to family members and friends, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure that they will be safe and secure in transit and will arrive in the same condition as when your package was handed over to the shipper. Before you entrust your food items to the Philadelphia Mailroom, take the following steps:

  • choose the correct size shipping box or container
  • reinforce the inside of the package
  • make sure you wrap items individually
  • don’t send items that crumble easily or won’t hold up in a person’s hand
  • let any baked or cooked items cool before packaging them
  • place return address labels inside of the package as well as on the outside of it
  • mark “FRAGILE” on all sides of the package

check with us for guidance in advance of preparing your items

Following these steps may not guarantee the condition of any food items when it arrives at the intended recipient, but it increases the chances that they won’t get damaged. We take care of all aspects of the packages that need faster delivery. Our crew is trained and handles innumerable packages a day and are aware of the protocols for handling foods and fragile items.

How do You protect FRAGILE Items?

Everyone knows the risks involved when shipping fragile items. Packaging safely and securely will alleviate the risk of damage and could ensure that your items will arrive in the same as you when you handed them over to a Philadelphia Mailroom employee. Here are some tips for packaging fragile items for shipment:


  • choose the correct size shipping box or container
  • use high-quality packing materials to protect the items
  • protect highly delicate items with bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts
  • make sure the interior of the box or container has a minimum of 2” of protection on all sides (air pillows, bubble wrap, crumbled paper, packing peanuts, etc.)
  • write the word “FRAGILE” on every side of the box or container


As mentioned above, these steps ensure added protection of extremely fragile items. For additional information, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom at your convenience.