We get inundated with so much packing material today that it is a shame to let it all go to waste. The amount of packing materials that people receive in an era of fast paced shipping is huge and ever increasing. This is mainly because people buy more and more things from the Internet, which might ship from half way across the country. Thus a product that would normally be purchased at the store now ships to you, thus increasing the packaging material that you get.


In addition, a lot of packing material comes through gifts that one receives. This is especially so during the holiday season. Now, you don’t need to throw all of it away because there are plenty of creative ways in which you can reuse packing materials.


The first thing to look at is the diversity of packing materials, from a material and visual point of view. You can collect a lot of colorful packing items, which is made up of many different materials. These can then be used according to their form and function in different projects that you can undertake.


Take cardboard boxes for instance. They come in varying strengths and colors. You can easily cut these apart and use them for craft projects. A lot of decorative material can also be used on any craft projects that you or your kids want to undertake.


Paper is a common component of most packing. You can use wrapping paper in a number of different ways. It is easy to use it as a decorating material. In addition, wrapping paper provides a very attractive way to learn and practice your origami decorations. You can use them for collage or gift tags or even prepare your own greeting card for a dear friend or family member.


With the rise in shipping of electronics, padded packing materials are increasingly becoming common. You shouldn’t throw these away. Instead, cut them to an appropriate size and use them as a protective casing around the electronics that you own, from your laptop to your iPod.


It also goes without saying that it is always possible to reuse a number of packing materials simply as is. These can be used for personal storage for a number of different purposes. You can store things that are precious to you or things that you collect in these packing.


Finally, if you don’t want to reuse your packing materials, make sure that you recycle them whenever possible. Also, a lot of neighborhood organizations like to recycle these for the benefit of everyone, so you can donate these materials to such small non-profit organizations just so you are more environmentally friendly.


It is great fun in thinking of new ways to reuse your packing materials. You should always consider the myriad uses of every packing material before throwing them away.


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