In order to better serve their customers and efficiently conduct daily transactions, many retail companies rely on receipt and shipment of packages. However, if you’re missing your tracking number, you can still keep things on an even keel by being creative and persistent. For those businesses who are struggling to track incoming and outgoing packages, the Philadelphia Mailroom offers the following helpful tips.

Contact the merchant – one of the first steps you should consider is contacting the merchant regarding your package. Some merchants have established online sites where you can search out your order and find the tracking number. Or if you prefer, you can contact them by phone for assistance in the matter. In most cases, they can find your tracking number by looking up your name or business name, address, or phone number. You also have the option of visiting the merchant if they have a local outlet.

Find your receipt – in some cases, you may be able to find your tracking number by looking at your purchase receipt, especially if you’re shipping the package directly. If your company used an online platform to ship the package, you may be able to find the tracking number there. If the package was mailed out from a local shipping store, they probably gave you a receipt that you’ve handed over to your accounting department. You could check with them to see if they’re able to locate the tracking number.

Get in touch with the carrier – if you can’t find your receipt and have exhausted all other options, get in touch with the carrier or shipper. It’s possible that they can find your package to confirm that it has arrived. Other carriers and shippers may be able to locate your package or tracking number with an invoice number, package number, PO number, or reference number. Additionally, you may be able to submit a package search request by providing the carrier or shipper with any information you have about the package in questions.

Additional suggestions – there are a number of e-mail and smartphone apps that help companies and customers alike to manage tracking a package. These will help you find packages that have been shipped. In most cases, when a package delivery has been scheduled, the recipient and the shipper will receive notifications as to the location of and arrival of the package. These notifications typically contain the tracking number.

For more information about tracking your package, contact the Philadelphia Mailroom at your earliest convenience. We are packing and shipping professionals since 1988 and would be ready to assist you with your custom requirements throughout the city. If you have any questions about our services or packaging details, please call us at (215)745-1100.