Whenever you need to get something notarized, you probably resign yourself to looking up the closest notary to where you live, getting in your vehicle, and fighting the traffic in the Philadelphia area too get there. However, the Philadelphia Mailroom now has a much better solution – calling us for mobile notary services. Aside from making your life less stressful, here is a list of benefits that can make this task considerably easier:

Affordability – you’re probably skeptical about the cost of our mobile notary services. However, despite the fact that some traveling costs are involved, how much would you spend on fuel to come to us? And don’t forget to consider the toll that the stress of the commute will have on you. While it will cost a bit more for this service, not having to deal with Philadelphia traffic and disrupt your day makes this m

ore cost-effective than you might think.

Compliance – we are compliant with all applicable laws, follow the proper procedures, and maintain all industry standards just like you would if we visited your business. Aside from that, the Philadelphia Mailroom notary has received the same certifications and been properly trained to legally and professionally perform this service. The key difference is that you won’t be standing in line at a bank or post office.

Convenience – as the name of the service implies, mobile notaries come to you even if it’s a single document. Depending on your specific needs, this can be a huge time-saver and help you have a less complicated day. This will free up more of your time so you can focus on the more important tasks and challenges of the day ahead. Plus, you won’t have to interrupt your day by having to stop everything you’re doing and drive to the notary service.

Flexibility – the Philadelphia Mailroom mobile notary services offer more flexibility by putting your needs first. If you would feel more comfortable meeting our notary in a place that you’re more familiar with such as your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, we can arrange that as well. We’re pretty quick and will be more than happy to schedule a time that accommodates your needs.

Professionalism – the Philadelphia Mailroom not only offers a mobile notary service it is characterized by unparalleled professionalism. Many of our current customers now rely on this service because it is so convenient and causes no interruptions to their day. But when you have an experienced professional come to your home or office, it ensures that all notary procedures are followed to the letter (no pun intended).

For additional information about our convenient, cost-effective mobile notary services or any of the other outstanding services that we currently provide, call the Philadelphia Mailroom at your earliest convenience.