Today in our current e-commerce world, it seems like everything is packaged and shipped. Can you imagine if vendors sent their items across the country improperly packed, only to have them break and have to be returned? They would go out of business quickly. This is why we can take their lead when packing items for shipping that are fragile and breakable.

Is There a “Right” Carrier?

Unfortunately, no matter which carrier you choose to ship with, your item may be subject to accidents, bumps or drops. This is why it’s important that your object is packed properly to protect it no matter what befalls it along the way. Those who ship things for a living know that it only takes a few simple steps to ensure that most objects make it to their destination safe and intact.

Choosing a Box

The right box can mean everything when it comes to packing a fragile item. You want a box that leaves enough room for packaging materials yet not so much that these materials can shift, leaving your items moving around in transit. Too snug and there won’t be enough room for ample protective packaging material. Your perfect size will have a couple of inches of space surrounding your item, enough for your protective materials.

Several Items to Ship at Once

If you have more than one item to pack, you want to make sure to measure the group and build in a little extra room between items. Measure the area that they take up from front to back, top to bottom and side to side. Then add an additional quarter of an inch when sizing the box. For very fragile pieces, you might want to consider packing them in a box to be placed inside another box for that added level of protection.

Use Quality Materials

Choosing quality shipping materials may mean a bit extra money upfront but far fewer headaches in the long run. Flimsy materials are simply not going to protect your fragile items the way they need to be protected. Particularly when your item is breakable or fragile, you want to purchase a more heavy-duty box to ensure that extra protection.

Bubble Wrap and Packaging Peanuts

Properly wrapping your item is just as important as the container you send it in. Fill any empty spaces with paper or bubble wrap, then cover your item with a layer of paper, securing it with tape. Wrap the item with a couple of layers of bubble wrap making sure that the whole area of your item is completely covered and secure this with heavier packaging tape.

Pad the Box Interior

Beginning with the bottom, make sure that the box is padded with layers of bubble wrap, peanuts, air pillows or crumpled paper. Make sure that your item is completely surrounded by this padding, including the top. The box should be able to be closed without a bulge, yet the contents inside should not shift or move. Mark the box with the word FRAGILE on each side of the box.

Extra Protection

If you are shipping your fragile item with the United States Postal Service or UPS, you should consider using the Special Handling-Fragile services that they provide. This provides additional care for sensitive items but does not insure that item against loss or damage. Despite all your best efforts, damages can and do happen. You will want to provide enough insurance to cover your fragile item in case of any losses or damage.

Rely on a Professional

Even better, if you prefer to have your fragile items professionally packed, leave that to us. At Philadelphia Mailroom, we will make sure that your fragile items are packed safely and securely to meet any carriers’ guidelines so you can have peace of mind. Call us at (215) 745-1100 to get a packing and shipping quote.